Worldwide Interactive Services, LLC: Sophisticated Solutions for Streamlined Banking Operations

John D. Pantaleon, Founder & President, Worldwide Interactive Services, LLCJohn D. Pantaleon, Founder & President
The banking industry is at the brink of evolution instituted by the rise of mobile banking trends and technologies that bestow customers and financial institutions the freedom and convenience to carry out transactions, anytime and anywhere. Despite its numerous advantages to the banking sector, assuring security of the customers’ financial data while delivering the needed functionality is a huge challenge. Worldwide Interactive Services, an Orlando, Florida based company, works toward alleviating the security related complexities in the mobile banking landscape through its interactive applications that provide a secure banking platform to the banking customers. The company provides voice, internet and mobile based solutions and services and keeps the applications up-to-date thus fulfilling the growing demands of its customers.

Worldwide’s mobile banking solution, mTeller, protects the customers’ banking transactions data with multiple active and passive monitoring measures such as login credentials, out of channel authentication, site images, and user-defined challenge questions. “We deliver a true omni-channel platform. Integrating mTeller with our voice and internet platforms (vTeller and iTeller) provides a highly interactive banking experience to our customers,” says John D. Pantaleon, President and Founder, Worldwide Interactive Services, LLC. For instance, “If the bank sends the customer a message through its private message portal or eMessage Center, the customer will get notification and have access to it in real time,” states Pantaleon.

The company also specializes in offering mobile friendly online banking applications such as e-statements, check imaging, and bill pay, enabling users to access their banking transactions and electronic money transfer through their smartphone or tablet. Another flagship solution of the firm, eSafe, provides a virtual safe deposit box that enables customers to save essential documents in it, such as insurance policies, wills, and payroll records.

We focus on providing the best user experience possible by addressing the functional needs, integration requirements, and proven pre and post implementation processes for our clients

Additionally, Worldwide Interactive Services is deft in ensuring customization in software implementation for making it flexible to suit the transitory requirements of its clients. “We focus on providing the best user experience possible by addressing the technological needs and seamlessly integrating into the banking core platform. Once implemented, our goal is to ensure our clients’ customers are thoroughly satisfied with their online banking experience regardless of the delivery channel,” says Pantaleon.

A multitude of customers have witnessed significant benefits by deploying Worldwide Interactive Services’ solutions to facilitate mobile banking transactions. For instance, a renowned banking client was facing economic challenges and difficulties in delivering information to the customers through mobile applications. The firm’s highly integrated and affordable mobile banking solutions collaborated with all the information channels of the customer to determine the exact level of information stress on their mobile banking products. Upon identifying their core of products, Worldwide Interactive Services assured the delivery of clear and essential information to the client’s customers. “Our solutions helped the client check each and every detail of the customers, providing security as well as guaranteeing smooth transactions,” explains Pantaleon.

Worldwide Interactive Services has vested immense focus on innovation to provide the best and seamless user experience to its consumers. “Now we are in the realm that channelizes how to respond to the evolving needs of the customers. We will extend the benefits and features of our solutions so that all the banking customers will be able to do banking transactions in a well-defined manner that is relevant to the current consumer trends,” concludes Pantaleon.