Activa Financial: Facilitating a Next-gen Omni-channel Mobile Banking

Asad U. Shah, Founder & CEO, Activa FinancialAsad U. Shah, Founder & CEO
Mobile technology, one of the key catalysts in transforming banking operations has brought in a deluge of innovative approaches—near field communications (NFC), mobile wallets, virtual banking assistance and customized applications that simplify tasks like making balance enquiry, transfer of funds, and bill payment processes. To ensure customer loyalty and curtail operation costs while ensuring compliance and quality in their service delivery, banking and financial firms need to tap their mobile banking applications and resources, providing an ideal mix of superior user experience and application functionality. San Francisco, CA based firm, Activa offers a next-gen consumer engagement banking platform to assist banks in serving their customers through various devices and online channels for seamless banking experience. “Our goal at Activa is to provide an easy way with the Nexus360 banking and payment platform for banked and unbanked consumers to convert any mobile device into payment instruments,” says Asad U. Shah, Founder and CEO, Activa Financial. “We also aim to enhance security by meeting the toughest industry standards.”

The company’s application supports all major platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows in order to offer complete cross-device UI and UX design with an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, and navigation. The Nexus360 platform helps customers avail the unique features and conveniences of a banking application—user-friendly and interactive interface, easy-to-use and customizable built-in templates, and easy access to relevant information. The platform also helps banks to deliver unparalleled online and mobile experiences without replacing their existing systems. Further, the Nexus360 mobile banking solution also enables banks to provide personalized dashboard for each user to manage personal preferences.

The company’s SaaS-based platform leverages the existing ATM interbank network and assists all banks, merchants, utilities, and consumers to stay connected without getting into the core of a bank’s working system. Aside enabling widened access to secure, affordable banking, and the platform also encourages increased deposits and reserves, allowing for both economic and financial regional growth.

Our goal at Activa is to provide an easy way with the Nexus360 banking and payment platform for banked and unbanked consumers to convert any mobile device into payment instruments

The company’s mobile banking solution also helps banking firms to brand Nexus360 with their marketing identity so that customers would be able to see the application with their logo, tagline, and colors. The platform is built to help banks to stay directly in touch with their customers through Integrated Message Center for easy and real time communications.

To sum it up, the Nexus360 platform works toward making the overall financial management simple for the banking firms as well as their customers. Additionally, the service helps users to attract and retain more customers while keeping at check the unneeded operations cost. Adjacently, the platform is bestowed with full audit capabilities and provides information on event logs and event-based reporting. “We also incorporate mechanisms such as transaction validation including real-time value and velocity checks along with transaction reconciliation processes to proactively detect and address frauds,” says Shah “The services we offer are also 2FA compliant and this aspect makes our services more secure than conventional banking.”

With large number of customers turning toward mobile banking applications in the industry, Activa is looking to leverage this trend by working on innovating and upgrading their platform to provide improved online functionality and enhanced application experience. For the road ahead, the company is planning to spread its global footprints by enhancing and adding new features especially the multi-language capability to the platform. “We are currently working with disruptive technology for the financial sector that will change how people interact with their banks and finances,” adds Shah.