Alkami Technology: Shifting the Paradigm through Mobile Banking Platforms

CIO VendorMike Hansen, CEO
The swelling rise in the usage of smartphone and mobile technologies has driven many credit unions and banking institutions to migrate from conventional methods to digital banking. On the flipside, the hyper-competitive state of financial landscape poses a huge challenge for companies that are seeking to implement best-in-class solutions and software that would augment their service delivery levels and operations. Named after the word 'alchemy', Alkami Technology solutions help transform banking firms by helping them seamlessly deploy online and mobile banking methods. “Findings from a recent research suggests that more than 60 percent of today’s banking transactions occur within digital channels, and over 90 percent will be carried out online by the end of 2020,” explains Mike Hansen, CEO, Alkami Technology. “Savvy financial institutions now recognize that delivering the ultimate digital and mobile experience is a driver for overall their growth.”

The Plano, TX based Alkami Technology's eBanking solution represents a quantum leap forward in the level of control and customization given to the financial institutions while revolutionizing the user experience provided to customers and members. The firm offers efficient ways to adopt new technology for customers to market and provide real-time information to their users.

The online and mobile banking solution from the Alkami Technology helps the financial companies change the role of their online banking channels from being utility factor to a strategic aspect of their overall growth and success. The firm's mobile banking application provides its users all information about their account on dashboard and also carries the option to view, chart, search, and export account data from a single intuitive user interface. Further, the offering simplifies payment processes such as transferring of funds or making loan payments.

Savvy financial institutions now recognize that delivering the ultimate digital and mobile experience is a driver for overall their growth

Additionally, the application sends timely notifications to its users as well as helps them deposit checks by taking a picture from their smart phone or tablet.

Alkami also specializes in offering solutions for content management to polish digital banking data and an ORB platform that helps integrate all of the customer's third party associations to their back-office systems. To sum it up the solutions offered by the firm helps clients leverage on its benefits without undergoing any alteration in the infrastructure of their company.

For instance, Quorum, a credit union, deployed Alkami Digital Banking with CO-OP Bill Pay, where the company worked hand-in-hand with bill payment platform to provide a powerful, fully integrated solution. Quorum’s goal was to establish a digital banking platform that would cater to the growing and changing needs of their customers. The firm was looking to embrace b e s t - i n - c l a s s features and functionality, as well as the ability to build out a system with their own new features and enhancements. “It was critical for us to work with partners that understand our industry to bring out the best in less time and Alkami's solutions helped us achieve exactly the same,” says George Cacchiani, Quorum’s VP, Information Technology.

With a growing customer and user base, Alkami is on its way to associate and partner with various innovative organizations to deliver ultimate digital banking solutions. “While the adoption rates of our unique digital and mobile banking platform strengthen, we continue to successful Hansen. “The response we have received from the market has been nothing short of fantastic. We are excited to deliver what is truly the next-generation of online and mobile banking.”