Clinc Inc.: Assisting Online Mobile Banking with Conversational AI

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Dr. Jason Mars, CEO, Clinc Inc.Dr. Jason Mars, CEO
What if the banking apps can interact with a customer, answering his queries about account balance or EMI deductions? What if the banking apps transfer money to the receiver with a simple command by a customer? These very questions lead to the foundation of Ann Arbor-based company Clinc Inc. that offers a conversational assistant, based on its innovative AI technology, for banks to deliver the financial freedom to its customers with human-in-the-room level conversations. The company is on a mission to push the boundaries of conversational AI, empowering banks to enhance customer experience.

The company offering ‘Finie', a conversational AI platform, uses deep learning, AI and neural nets to interact with the customer. Its sophisticated AI understands complex financial questions and transforms them into powerful, actionable insights for mobile banking customers. Using natural voice and texts the customer can connect with their bank accounts through this platform. Finie can process 80 different languages. This powerful capability has attracted several banking institutions to incorporate into their services to serve customers in a better way. The technology is a host for three of the six big Canadian banks, one of the top two in London and Isbank in Turkey.

In an instance, Clinc developed ‘Maxi,' a mobile banking voice-application for Isbank, one of Turkey's largest banks. Popularly known as Turkeye Banksaki (Isbank) Maxi, it is used by over 6 million Isbank's customers.

Our AI learns new languages in a neural network way without hard-coding new rules and grammar, banks can quickly build and deploy in over 80 languages

The machine learning capability enabled Clinc to expand its knowledge with every query and then draw from that data to address each customer inquiry. This capability clearly reflects in Maxi, enabling it to answer financial questions that are unique to each individual user and offer personalized spending advice and help to accomplish any banking task. With Maxi, customers can check their account balance and history, transfer money and review their transactions.

Through Maxi Isbank offers a unique conversational experience to its customers by processing the native Turkish language. “While creating a first of its kind native language solution had its challenges, training the platform in Turkish and integrating it to our mobile banking application was smooth with Clinc’s support and easy to use training process as well as robust conversational capabilities,” said Halim Memiş, Channel Strategy Unit Manager at the İşbank Digital Banking Division. Moreover, Clinc joined hands with some reputed banking institutions in the industry which includes Barclays, USAA and S&P Global.

Clinc offers several other application-level platforms that run with conversational AI. They work in other major areas to alleviate human life. Their technology is implemented in automobiles to have an entirely new in-car experience. The technology will assist the driver from lane parking to the owner’s manual. The food and ordering experience in the drive-thru will be controlled by conversational intelligence, and the same goes to call centers too. "Our AI learns new languages in a neural network way without hard-coding new rules and grammar, banks can quickly build and deploy in over 80 languages," says Dr. Jason Mars, CEO of Clinc.