DeepTarget Inc.: Empowering Financial Institutions with Business Intelligence

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Digitization has brought in avantgarde technologies such as AI into the banking sphere- -exponentially increasing the rate of growth, benefitting the customer. The results show customers can sit at the comfort of their homes and use their mobile phones for all transactions and do other services. Vendors such as DeepTarget are helping businesses effectively and affordably connect to their customers with personalized and targeted marketing solutions, leveraging such technologies. The firm provides focused and customized marketing strategies that deliver bottom-line results.

Building a sturdy customer base has become a top priority for financial institutions to gain a competitive edge among peers. With data analytics DeepTarget makes it simple and straight forward to deliver unique, personalized messaging that reaches and resonates with the customers. The core software solution, DeepTarget, has been engineered over a period of more than five years with a focus on utilizing valuable customer information to provide targeted and personalized offers to individuals using online and other media.

Using the customer’s banking data; DeepTarget extracts specific client information so that the very best products and services are offered to each customer–and when they need it most. DeepTarget helps to create, customize, and modify banners based on the client needs. This customer-friendly application from DeepTarget features a unique ability to select specific offer dates, thereby allowing seasonal or date driven offers to be scheduled easily. “We can now offer our credit union clients seamless and personalized communications through the integrated DeepTarget platform,” says Kevin Sarber President, WESCOM Resources Group.

What differentiates DeepTarget from others is that they deliver a perfect mix of products and services through their targeted banner messaging round the clock. The Reg E option helps customers for an easy sign-up. Security and privacy are integral to DeepTarget solutions with SOC 2 compliant data centers and secure database encryption.

We can now offer our credit union clients seamless and personalized communications through the integrated DeepTarget platform

DeepTarget ended 2018, with new technology integrations last year that included Orpheus (Access Softek), KONY, Wescom Resources Group’s Symmetry eBanking, and Alogent, driven by market demand. The company will continue to significantly invest in the technology platform with respect to its open API design, specifically related to enterprise licensing versus a single channel, single instance go-to-market approach.

“I am delighted about the milestones and business results achieved in 2018, continuing our robust growth trajectory. I am particularly excited about strengthened relationships with our partners. There is no doubt that this critical ecosystem is driving our growth and helping educate the market about our open, enabling technology platform – one that the smallest of financial institutions can afford and easily leverage while the larger ones capitalize on deeper business intelligence innovation and advanced features to drive their revenue and customer loyalty,” says Jill Homan, President of DeepTarget Inc.