CSI Enterprises: Corporate Mobile Payment Simplified

CIO VendorDavid Disque, COO
A perfectly synthesized fusion of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit along its three-decade journey is what keeps CSI Enterprises ticking, according to the company’s COO, David Disque. CSI Enterprises has been extremely successful in bringing creative and secure payment systems to the market for its partners and financial institutions. It is in the company’s DNA to develop innovative ways to leverage traditional card networks and simplify global FX payments. Their product innovation teams are continually evolving the way businesses pay around the globe and have developed advanced corporate payment solutions to some of the world’s most iconic brands. The company’s highly secure payment products include the globalVCard® electronic accounts payable solution, which earned many awards, including the 2015 CODiE Award for the software industry’s best financial management system.

To remain competitive in an ever-evolving market, CSI Enterprises constantly works to redefine and redevelop its technology and payment systems. Their globalVCard platform is a holistic, integrated virtual credit card payments solution capable of processing a variety of payments. GlobalVCard integrates with ERP accounting systems to allow for a single payment file to be absorbed and electronically automated for the secure facilitation of vendor payments. On the banking side, the platform is white-label ready, enabling banks and financial institutions to utilize the platform and generate payments through their treasury management services. Disque explains, “As a single unified system, globalVCard provides visibility to all payments, across multiple cost centers and multiple divisions around the world.”

CSI globalVCard has a mobile payment feature—Quick VCard—that allows for the generation and delivery of virtual cards. Single-use virtual credit cards are a highly secure way to make business payments. Once the transaction is complete, the credit card number becomes invalid. Authorized users gain access to real-time controls over all CSI-issued credit cards and have the ability to allow secure, virtual credit card transactions.

We have spent a considerable time retrofitting our platform over the last five years, so it stays robust and future-proof

The platform also integrates with ERP and accounting systems to deliver the data needed for expense reporting and reconciliation.

Another product offered by CSI Enterprises is their corporate travel payment platform which takes advantage of virtual card technology. Centralized payments can be made through the virtual card system, providing control to ensure that only an authorized travel plan can be booked. The use of one virtual credit card number per transaction enables accurate reconciliation and accountability while eliminating the risk of fraud. An integrated system, it allows reservation and payment data to be viewed on the traveler’s mobile device.

“Another interesting component toward our success is the fact that CSI Enterprises is a highly competitive player in the mobile banking arena—not just a domestic footprint in the U.S. and Canada, but also on an international level,” evinces Disque. Recently, they have expanded to a more global presence servicing the European market and this year it’s all about moving into the Asian market, with future plans to change the game for payments in Latin America and Mexico. International expansion will continue so they can better serve large multinational customers who have a need to utilize their products throughout the world.

With a passion for delivering highly innovative solutions, CSI Enterprises is constantly evolving. While their current system is capable of driving and processing payments, the team is working to implement new technologies within the platform and also improve the payment decisioning process. “Our business model is twofold, we go direct to market, but we have also spent a considerable time retrofitting our platform over the last five years, so it stays robust and future-proof. Down the lane, we will be working with banks and innovative technology companies to bring cutting-edge solutions to the market,” states Disque.