ACI Worldwide: Initiating Smarter Mobile Banking

Philip Heasley, President & CEO, ACI WorldwidePhilip Heasley, President & CEO
The wave of technological revolution has changed the way the banking sector operates. The emergence of mobile technology is empowering financial institutions with better operations and increasing the overall customer experience. The increasing amount of new age gadgets and powerful operating systems has made banking processes less complex. In the present scenario ACI Worldwide delivers a broad range of solutions for payment processing, fraud detection, mobile banking and electronic bill presentment and payment. “At ACI, we combine a global perspective with local presence to tailor solutions for each customer. Our solution empowers organizations with end-to-end enterprise payment capabilities—accelerating time to market, reducing risk, growing revenues and controlling costs,” says Philip G. Heasley, President and CEO, ACI Worldwide.

The company has an extended fleet of products to cater its distinguished clientele. The company’s flagship product—ACI Mobile Channel Manager, provides customers with mobile access to functions across the banking and payments spectrum. With the use of Mobile Channel Manager, consumers can take advantage of advance facilities like — account management, balance inquiries, transfers, and bills payments.

ACI Worldwide’s consumer payment solutions include Postilion and Token Manager for Mobile. Postilion, a payment processing and card management solution designed for the Windows operating system. While, Token Manager for Mobile provides cryptographic keys and secures elements on NFC-enabled mobile devices for contactless payment technology. “Our solution has the ability to handle different delivery channels performing any transaction type through powerful software development kits to meet the needs of acquirers, and issuers,” points out Heasley.

Our software combined with the company’s payments expertise enables organizations to create a more responsive, flexible environment

ACI Worldwide differentiates itself by building new interfaces, defining new payments and by orchestrating the banking workflows. “Our software combined with the company’s payments expertise enables organizations to create a more responsive, flexible environment and allows them to respond effectively when faced with new regulation, technology advancements or a new threat,” claims Heasley. The company’s product, Universal Payment Framework has a unique characteristic that sets ACI apart as it isolates systems with the use of configurable tools and can re-direct interface traffic as needed, providing companies with an easy banking solution.

For instance, DBS, a leading financial services group based in Asia, needed a next-generation internet banking platform that had the capability to support its diverse set of corporate customers, which range from large multinationals to small local businesses. Collaborating closely with ACI and leveraging the Universal Payment (UP) Transaction Banking solution that consists of ACI Universal Online Banker, ACI Global Trade Manager and ACI Mobile Channel Manager, DBS was able to build IDEAL 3.0, a fast, flexible internet banking platform that not only integrates directly with each market’s core banking technology, but also with each disparate customer’s business processes and internal ERP systems. DBS’s 162,000 corporate customers in six markets now have an easy-to-use online banking platform that seamlessly integrates with their own business processes and ERP systems, enabling the bank to efficiently manage cash flow anytime, anywhere.

Moving ahead, ACI Worldwide is planning for a significant expansion in their product range. “With our comprehensive suite of software products and hosted services, we will be providing an even more robust set of solutions for electronic payments, transaction banking, and mobile,” concludes Heasley.