Datapro: Upping the Game in Banking

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Javier A. Montero, Chief Technology Officer, DataproJavier A. Montero, Chief Technology Officer
Mention FinTech and the first thought is the rising penetration of mobile applications in banks, signifying the inevitable digitalization of financial services. However, while the banks are riding the digitalization wave, the heart of a bank—its core banking system—is missing out on this transformation. Banks that function with rigid legacy core software systems need more flexibility and to integrate with emerging technology and functionality to support evolving consumer demands. From additional applications to different channels of services, they all rely on the core system’s ability to handle high transaction volumes generated through the new channels placed at their disposition. To meet the specialized needs of the market—internet banking, mobile banking, onboarding, CRM, data warehouse, private and investment banking—banks need to expand to other applications that coexist or utilize the core system. In such a scenario, interacting with different vendors crops up as a challenge in meeting the customers’ needs.

Similar was the case of a financial institution carrying out major transactions between the government and its customers in Latin America. The institution’s 24-year-old technology had become a hindrance in expanding or creating new products or services for its customers. This is when the financial institution sought the assistance of Datapro. A premier software development company dedicated to streamlining business processes for the banking industry, Datapro sensed the immediate need of modernizing the solutions overseeing a vast range of regular branch activities as well as supervising accounting information. Within 18 months, Datapro upgraded the institution’s systems, enabling them to handle up to 700,000 customer transactions. The client was also aided in setting up ten additional branches to handle the increased end-user activity. Within 36 months, Datapro ushered in a perfect mix of experience to bring about a transparent and seamless implementation of loan activity. The company also upgraded the client software to offer new services channels such as mobile banking, electronic wallet, and CRM to its end-users.

William Montiel, Director of Marketing & Administration
For over four decades, Datapro has been instrumental in developing integrated systems for the efficient functioning of financial institutions, enhanced ROI and quality customer care. The company boasts of over 150 installations across 30 countries in Latin America. Datapro has a broad spectrum of customers, across government, international, retail, and commercial banks, as well as credit unions and cooperatives.

Datapro specializes in integrated banking that automates a financial institution’s daily operations. Their core banking solutions offer its users full operational integration, total process control, and also provide dynamic elements to expedite management decision making. Besides its core technology, Datapro provides a range of satellite services to its clients and enables them to use varied integration methods for seamless third-party interaction. “Our software allows banks to grow and adapt to the changing technologies as consumers demand new services,” explains Javier A. Montero, CTO, Datapro. While it focuses heavily on core integration, Datapro also offers tailored applications, mobile banking, CRM, data warehouses, investment modules, and the like. “Our flexible core system and extensive applications have made us a one-stop provider to fulfill customer requirements,” says William Montiel, director of marketing and administration, Datapro.

To begin with, Datapro identifies inefficiencies in customer systems through its interview and validation process. The company then prepares an inventory of client systems and interfaces and maps the flow of data across departments. After the implementation of the core banking solutions, Datapro provides round-the-clock support to its customers for ensuring optimum usage and identifying possible growth opportunities. Datapro stands apart from other players in the banking technology sector with its ability to use facial recognition technology in the form of selfies for back-end validation of the passport and IDs of a prospective customer. The company leverages AI to analyze and authenticate individuals while onboarding.

Besides the development and implementation of omnichannel systems, Datapro aims to keep up with the changing trends to include mobile banking, onboarding of financial relationships in its product list, while also providing non-banking correspondence to its Latin-American end-users.