Jack Henry & Associates: Efficient Financial Management through Mobile Application

John Prim, Chairman of the Board & CEO, Jack Henry & AssociatesJohn Prim, Chairman of the Board & CEO
Being a part of today’s mobile society, the convenience-driven customers prefer anytime access to their bank accounts and financial management over traditional banking procedures. Being an owner of a smart phone device, it becomes an easy task to receive timely information on finances whenever and wherever required. Headquartered in Monett, MO, “Jack Henry & Associates (JHA) offers a comprehensive suite of online and mobile solutions, enabling banks to attract and retain the tech-savvy customers,” says John “Jack” F. Prim, CEO, JHA.

JHA offers approximately 300 products and services enabling the customers to easily process financial transactions and automate their businesses to succeed in the competitive marketplace. The firm provides improved compliance, customized systems, restructured operating environments, better integrated platforms and technologies to transform their customer’s businesses. “Our three brands—Jack Henry Banking, Symitar, and ProfitStars, support financial institutions, diverse businesses and other technology providers,” says Prim. Among the three brands of JHA, ProfitStars delivers unmatched tools for mobile site conversion, website design & hosting and creative payment processing solutions. ProfitStars’ suites of mobile solutions provide financial institutions with unsurpassed banking tools to help them stay connected with their customers. “ProfitStars’ Banno Mobile is a mobile banking application for iOS and Android users,” says Prim. It is a white labeled product that offers quick and cost-effective ways to deploy mobile services. The mobile banking application enables customers to manage their bills, and allows them to add payees and deposit checks much easier than before.

Mobile banking enables banks to expand their market presence while enhancing their performance for routine banking transactions.

We offer a comprehensive suite of online and mobile solutions, enabling banks to attract and retain their tech-savvy customers

The goDough mobile banking solution enables Jack Henry’s banking customers to control deployments with the newly built Jack Henry Banking’s full-featured back office application. “The goDough solution supports remote deposit capture, debit card management, bill payment, P2P, and interbank transfer functionalities. The solution provides an opportunity to release wires and initiate batches to the banks’ commercial customers.

In addition, the Mobile Remote Deposit Complete (mRDC) is a remote deposit solution that helps financial institutions to increase their low-cost deposit growth. “mRDC is a web and mobile based check image capture, storage, and processing solution that enables financial institutions to provide commercial customers the ability to electronically deposit a wide variety of paper checks,” explains Prim. Other than mRDC, ProfitStars also provides iBizManager, a turnkey mobile solution to mobilize financial management and transactions, from anytime, anywhere banking for the commercial customers. “Customers can now access bank accounts, alerts, transfers, cash management features and user access control instantly,” says Prim.

“We help banks drive efficiencies, improve compliance, better integrate their platforms, customize their systems, or change operating environments for transforming their businesses and move them forward,” claims Prim. For instance, one of the top four banks in the UK decided to replace their check reader’s solution to next generation to enable a significant improvement in productivity and customer services, achieve efficient sales objectives and reduce fraud losses. To achieve the goal, the bank turned towards ProfitStars’ mobile applications. The ProfitStars’ mobile banking tool helped the renowned UK bank to improve their branch research efficiency, and reduce fraud and operational losses.

“With our online and mobile solutions, we aim at strengthening our customer’s competitive positioning while enhancing customer service and convenience,” concludes Prim.