Youtap: Assuring Seamless Connectivity of Mobile Wallets

Chris Jones, Founder & CEO, YoutapChris Jones, Founder & CEO
As the adoption of mobile payments technology accelerates globally, industry connoisseurs are gearing up with the tools and applications that facilitate a cashless ecosystem. A research from Gartner estimates that mobile payments will top $720 billion a year by 2017 from $235 billion last year. In the midst of the ongoing mobile technology trends where customers are vastly relying on mobile wallets, the need for the hour is a secure payment experience with a suite of retail shopping enablement. Understanding this requirement and enabling point of sale (POS) devices to communicate with any mobile wallet solution using cloud based middleware and applications is Youtap, a San Francisco, CA based firm. Youtap is a global provider of contactless mobile payments and financial services software allowing mobile wallet users to tap and pay with any point of sale using mobile, card or wearable devices.

By connecting mobile wallets to POS systems, Youtap empowers users to utlize their funds and make cashless transactions, as per their convenience and needs. This versatility to make a potential point of purchase, anywhere would give customers enough reasons to engage and connect time and again. Being at the forefront of the payments technology revolution, Youtap’s payments technology is not only user-friendly but also innovative. “Our solutions drive frictionless mobile payment transactions at the POS, allowing mobile wallet adoption and increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) for the service provider,” explains Chris Jones, Founder and CEO, Youtap. The Youtap solution is both disruptive and fluid and does not require the use of smart phones or a secure element within a mobile device. It can compliment or replace an existing debit or credit card and utilize a basic non-‘smart’ mobile phone, appealing to the global merchant and user community.

Using Youtap secure applications, consumers can tap any mobile phone, or card to deposit or withdraw cash, purchase goods and services, pay a bill or remit funds into their existing bank account directly from their mobile wallet.

Our solutions drive frictionless mobile payment transactions at the POS, allowing mobile wallet adoption and increasing average revenue per user (ARPU) for the service provider

In addition, the company’s Youtap to pay! solution helps merchants to accept contactless payments through POS for every day purchases. Youtap solutions enable consumers and operators to offer and accept tap on and tap off payments on any bus, taxi or even for payment of utility and general bills—using Youtap to ride! and Youtap to bank! solutions respectively. The firm also has an integrated merchant management system, serving as a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage any number of payment devices. Adding on to its wide array of solutions is Youtap’s loyalty and reward management and integrated customer management portals to process registrations of new users.

Youtap completely supports all near-field communication (NFC) devices with integrated host card emulation (HCE) and Android 4.4 or Windows operating systems. Customers with a bank supplied mobile wallet or an NFC device can make payments through the Youtap! POS solution. The firm also fully supports customers making mobile wallet payments via contactless NFC wearables at the POS. The NFC chip is used to trigger the mobile wallet in the same way that a contactless card or NFC sticker triggers the payment. Using the Merchant application supplied by Youtap, users can associate their wearable to their Mobile Wallet account.

Receiving a number of accolades for its NFC deployment and continuous innovation, Youtap is en route to make use of the recognition from industry leaders to generate growing awareness of its solutions and grow exponentially.