Top Mobile Banking Technology Solution Companies
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Top 10 Mobile Banking Technology Solution Companies - 2017

The digital revolution, as commonplace as it may appear, continues to barrel forward disrupting the mobile banking ecosystem by introducing many newfangled technologies and ways to bank. Mobile banking has proliferated beyond apps delivered on smartphones and has gone to embrace a broad spectrum of tablets, wearable gadgets, and other smart/ IoT devices.

Facilitating consumers to collaborate with devices—including cars and other home appliances—through simple voice commands, ‘the vocal revolution’ is earmarked to bring about a significant change to the mobile banking space. Some companies are even developing voice-enabled payment systems, which will be a major disruption to banks. With its enhanced security features and smart assistance capabilities, voice technology—although relatively in its nascent phase—will add a new dimension to the mobile banking sector. Similarly, many banks are pushing AI chat bots into their banking applications that work with mobile devices to facilitate flexible, anytime, anywhere banking. These bots will assist users with banking and financial queries, thus enhancing the overall customer experience. Another trend that is bound to grip the market is the concept of digital banks that operate completely on a consumer’s preferred virtual medium removing physical presence from the equation.

In an effort to help banks keep pace with the shifting boundaries of the banking ecosystem, a panel of prominent CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with the Banking CIO Outlook editorial board has assessed scores of mobile banking solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices.

The companies listed here demonstrate an ability to revolutionize the mobile banking arena through robust and productive solutions, which will simplify banking and enhance the overall digital experience while ensuring tight security and transaction protocols.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Mobile Banking Technology Solution Companies

  • Develops creative and secure mobile payment solutions for businesses

  • Provider of cloud-based mobile application development platform (MADP) to help organizations design, build, configure, and manage mobile apps

  • Offers intuitive and secure app channels for seamless mobile banking

  • Brings digital banking to all screens and provides convenience by enabling all levels of security in one solution

  • Offers specialty digital banking solutions including mobile banking, to drive innovation, bring in new efficiencies to processes and deliver personalized customer experiences

  • CR2


    Global provider of innovative omnichannel banking software for banks

  • Fiserv [NASDAQ:FISV]

    Fiserv [NASDAQ:FISV]

    Fiserv provides best-in-class mobile banking and payments solutions to financial institutions, businesses, and consumers

  • Misys


    Misys offers mobile banking software that enables banks to offer their customers innovative smart device banking services

  • Temenos


    Offers CorporateSuite, a scalable innovative technology providing superior features for corporate banks, supporting profitability, customer acquisition, and retention

  • VASCO Data Security [NASDAQ:VDSI]

    VASCO Data Security [NASDAQ:VDSI]

    Develops security solutions for banking and finance services industry safeguarding each component of every banking app